Perfect Summer Watermelon Cake

Okay, you are all going to flip out over this watermelon "cake" recipe. It is seriously that good and absolutely perfect for summer! You could whip this up for a summer birthday (like I did - happy birthday Grama!), a barbecue, pool party, bridal/baby shower, easy week night dessert. The list is endless! It is cold, light and refreshing and also a lot of fun to not tell people it's a watermelon and see their reactions when it is cut open!

Watermelon "Cake"
  • 1 watermelon - can be large, medium, small - whatever works for your party!
  • 1 & 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream *very cold!
  • 4 tbs white sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • sprinkles, fruits, nuts, etc to decorate

  • Start by cutting your watermelon. I cut off the two skinny ends which will become the top and bottom of your cake. Then cut off the rind around the sides into your desired shape (could do round or square). I cut mine into a traditional round cake shape. Put on your serving plate and stick into the fridge to chill. 
  • Mix your cold heavy whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla with a stand or handheld mixer. You could whip this by hand but it will take quite a few minutes and will be a great arm workout! You want to whip this until you have "soft peaks". What I mean by this is that when you pull your whisk straight up out of the whipped cream you have little points that mostly stand up, but tilt slightly over at the top. 
  • Take your watermelon out of the fridge and coat the top and sides with the whipped cream. Add any toppings and decorations that you wish! I added sprinkles on top and grapes around the bottom. 
*Store in the refrigerator up to 24 hours or serve immediately!

I didn't tell my Grama what kind of cake it was and let her cut the first slice. She was so delighted with it! It was such a nice, cool treat on a hot and sunny day.

If you make this watermelon (woodermelon)cake, please tag @chelbucciblog on instagram so I can see all of your creations!! 



  1. Omg I needed this Monday for my mom's birthday! Watermelon is her absolute favorite! I'll have to make it this summer!


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