It starts.

can’t help but read the title of this blog post to myself in Timon’s voice from the Lion King Sega game. Remember that, fellow children of the 90’s? He would be on the black screen before you entered the level letting you know it was about to start. Well, today it is me telling you that I have finally started my blog and it is about to begin!! For those of you who know me personally, (this is probably everyone who is reading this entry right now. Hi mom!) You will know that I have been talking about finally starting my baking blog for the absolute longest time. The wait is finally over!! For those of you who may not know me – Hi!

My vision for this blog is not only baking, but more of a lifestyle blog. I’m going to be writing about cooking, baking, DIY, home décor, family and more.  My husband AJ and I recently bought our first home so there is a lot to focus on for that and with a big family there is always something the whip up in the kitchen! I hope this becomes a fun place you come to for inspiration, recipes, and ideas. Here we go! 


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